Learn Greek Dancing

Everyone is invited to dance.

Everyone is invited on the dance floor. If this is your first festival or your first time on the dance floor, don’t be nervous. Just get out there and grab the hand of the person next to you in line and follow their footsteps. To help newcomers learn the basic steps, the Pensacola Greek Festival is providing dance lessons on Saturday.  These are all line dances that do not require partners or previous experience.

A few Greek dances are danced as couples or solo, but most are performed in a line which moves to the right. The leader has their right hand free and calls the steps. Never join the line at the front unless you are offered the lead and know the dance. A good leader will put on a show, adding variations to the steps and dancing side by side with the person next to them.

Beginners should join at the end of the line. Experienced dancers may break in the middle to dance with their friends or so that they are not at the end tripping over children and beginners. If someone offers you a hand, accept it and follow their feet.